About Us

Registered Investment Advisory Firm

Who we are?

Titanhub Capital Management LLC is a Registered Investment Advisory Firm established in September 2020 in Queens, New York and registered with State of New York as an investment advisor. We advise individual and institutional clients about public traded securities (i.e. stocks, bonds, etc.) and other relevant derivaties, manage investment portfolio, conduct market research, prepare financial planning, consult on business management and help to make investment decisions. We also invest and trade in securities as well as other non-securities, such as future contracts.

We trailor advisory services based on our client’s needs on the basis of financial strength, source of income, time horizon for investment and risk tolerance. We provide services to low- and high-net worth individual clients as well as small businesses. We have no minimum income requirement, minimum asset level or other similar preconditions to obtain our services. Our fees are at market-standard level and we do not charge wrap fees.

We act in fiduciary duties keeping best interests of our clients on top of everything else.