Investment Advisor

We are registered with the State of New York & authorized to provide investment advisory services to New Yorkers.


We provide competent professional service with proper research & analysis with due respect to facts & accuracies.


We have legally required fiduciary duties to serve our clients in their best interests being entirely truthful.

Services We Provide

Covered in these areas

Stock Market Counselling

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We provide in-person or group counselling about securities/stock market to our clients at our office as well as through video conferencing.

Retirement Planning (IRA)

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We advise our clients about traditional and Roth IRA accounts, its benefits, early withdrawal policies, and required distribution after retirements.

Portfolio Management

We implement various types of investment strategies to build our client's optimal portfolio as per modern portfolio theory

College Saving

We advise our clients about the needs and significance of Coverdell ESA and Section 529 plans based on their income level

Market Research

We research overall securities market or a sector or about a specific business while making investment decisions.

Management Consulting

We provide business management consulting services, such as registration & licensing, prepare business plan and IT consultation.