Portfolio Management

We manage your investment portfolios

Modern Portfolio Theory

Our primary goal is to focus on relationship among all investments in a portfolio rather than emphasizing a particular asset. We minimize the risks by diversifying away the portfolios consisting of not-correlated assets, such as stocks, bonds, commodities, and future contracts. Our goal is to design an optimal portfolio that has desired rate of return consistent with the amount of risks our clients are willing to take.

Investment Strategies

We implement various types of investment strategies to build our client’s optimal portfolio as per modern portfolio theory, such as buy and hold, tactical and strategic asset allocation, dollar-cost averaging and hedging our client’s portfolio with equity options and stop loss orders.

We try to mitigate the risks in our client’s investment portfolio by diversifying and rebalancing as well as monitoring periodically.

We generate income for income oriented long-term securities holder client by selling covered call options so that our clients could sell their securities in pre-determined price or generate regular income if not sold.

Periodic Monitoring

We periodically monitor our client’s investment portfolio at least once every month to ensure that the portfolio has met our client’s investment plan or not. In the event of unexpected loss in our client’s portfolio, we take immediate look into the account and try our best to resolve the issues.

Custody of Funds

We do not hold custody of our client’s fund or securities in any manner. The broker-dealer, financial institution or other qualified custodian that is unaffiliated with our firm will have full custody of our clients’ assets, funds or investment portfolios. Our clients will receive account statements directly from their broker-dealer, bank, or custodian, and that clients should carefully review those statements.

Fiduciary Duties

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we have fiduciary duties towards our clients keeping their best interests as our topmost priority. While managing investment portfolio, we strictly consider what gives the best profits for our clients regardless of our own interests.