Stock Market Counselling


Stock Market

The public company’s securities, such as shares, bonds, options, rights, and warrants are traded in stock exchanges, such as New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), NASDAQ, Chicago Board Options Exchange, and other national exchanges. For any retail or institutional investor, it is important to understand how stocks (shares) are exchanged and how to buy and sell the stocks to get profits. It is generally thought that the retail traders who buy and sell odd lots (also called Odd-Lot Theory) are wrong about stock market, and they buy and sell in wrong time. We hear from retail investors that they lost some of their investment in stock market and exited the entire market as they could not afford further loss. These days, it is very easy for anybody to open a stock brokerage account and begin trading in a matter of minutes. However, prior to even entering to stock market or even buying or selling shares, the investors need to have at least basic knowledge of how stocks are traded, how professional traders make money in stock trading and how to get profits as well as escape from unexpected loss.

How can we help?

We counsel our clients about the basic concepts of stock market, trading in shares, saving from unexpected loss as well as safely trade in options. We help clients to understand various types of stock market investment risks and counsel them how to mitigate the unsystematic risks, such as business, political, liquidity and regulatory risk. We provide in-person counselling at our office as well as through video conferencing. We organize the seminars and conferences about the stock market and investing in securities for group of clients as required. Our service charge for in-person clients starts from $100 per hour based on types, date, and time of counselling.